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About WaterNet

WaterNet was created in 2015 by MyAcorn Limited in collaboration with the Freshwater Habitats Trust.

Key Features
WaterNet is the data portal for Freshwater Habitats Trust and the People, Ponds and Water project.
Our aim is to provide a hub where information and data can be shared by everyone.

Adopt a Site

Dynamic map tools enable you to search for and "adopt" a freshwater site.

  • Search the maps to find a site
  • View the available survey options
  • Learn about the survey methods and skills required
  • Sign up to one or more surveys
  • Add your own sites

Enter Records

Use the online forms to enter species and environmental records.

  • Easy-to-use web forms tailored to each survey
  • Upload photographs or documents
  • Receive instant feedback after submitting a form
  • Data and resources stored securely
  • Records verified by experts

Explore Data

Explore data via dynamic maps, graphs and calculated metrics.

  • Records and resources freely available
  • Compare your results to those from other sites
  • View details of individual records
  • Explore graphs and metrics for each project
  • Customisable downloads

WaterNet Technologies
The creation of WaterNet would not have been possible without the following open-source software and libraries