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Ponds on the map

You can view ponds for which we have data in the map below

  1. Use the check boxes above the map to select either 'All' ponds for which we have data - or look at 'Million Ponds Project ponds', 'Priority ponds' or 'Flagship ponds'. You can also view Important Areas for Ponds (IAPs).
  2. Use the select box to the right of the map to choose the area you'd like to explore.
  3. Use your mouse to click on a pond marker or IAP polygon for more information.

Million Ponds Project ponds includes ponds that have been created as part of the Million Ponds Project. This project aims to create an extensive network of new ponds across the UK, to reverse a century of pond loss and ensure that once again the UK has over one million countryside ponds. For more information on the Million Ponds Project, click here.

Priority Ponds include ponds that support species of conservation concern, rich assemblages, or important or distinctive pond types likely to support special freshwater plant and animal assemblages. They are identified using 4 main criteria. Click here for more details.

Flagship Ponds are a small subset of the very best Priority Ponds: each is of critical value to UK biodiversity because of the rare species and communities they support. It is estimated that there are approximately 700 Flagship ponds in the UK. For more information on Flagship Ponds, click here.

Important Areas for Ponds (IAPs) are geographical areas that support an important concentration of Priority Ponds. Note - we are working on identifying IAPs as and when funding becomes available, so there could be one near you! Click here for more details and downloadable IAP reports. Please note - IAP information is only available for a limited number of areas at this time.

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